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Quadrant Real Estate Advisors LLC (“Quadrant”) is a registered investment advisor governed by the SEC with approximately $7.1 billion of commercial real estate assets under management. Quadrant has investment capability in the United States, Australia & the United Kingdom via its offices in Atlanta, Sydney, and London.

Quadrant is owned 100% by its management team which minimizes conflicts and allows Quadrant to act at all times in each individual client’s best interests.

The management team has worked together for nearly two decades and delivered superior results for its clients via commitment to the following tenets:

  • Strict fiduciary and compliance driven culture
  • Flexible client-driven, tailored investment programs
  • Team based decision-making
  • Fundamentally sound, institutional quality assets
    • Major metropolitan markets
    • Low event risk
    • Very conservative underwriting metrics
    • Durable, predictable cash-flows
  • Conviction investing based upon time proven underwriting methods
  • Aggressive, contrarian investing during major pricing dislocation

Quadrant offers institutional investors both tailored single client accounts and commingled funds.